You can go to Kenya or Tanzania. So why choose South Africa? This country stands out for the richness and diversity of its fauna and flora. It allows you to finally discover the big 5: elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino if you can only observe a few of them on another safari.

South Africa's strengths

South Africa is incomparable with its neighbours when it comes to safaris. There is so much to discover in this country, both inland and on the coast. Between June and November, for example, you can take advantage of your stay to observe the whales that come to breed and give birth on the coast. You can observe them from the shore or on board a boat. And that's not all, you can cross the country from north to south, from west to east with expert wildlife rangers on safari. The best safaris in South Africa offer unparalleled experiences. You can choose between public and private reserves. Each has its advantages and limitations.

What to choose between private and public reserves?

The best safaris in South Africa are shared between public and private reserves. Public reserves are managed by the State. They are more accessible in terms of price. They are intended for people who like autonomy. You have the freedom to design your itinerary. You can have fun searching for animals at random. But, since there is no security system, you can't drive at night or off the road. Accommodation and catering facilities are less comfortable. The choice is limited. In high season, cars are concentrated around the herds. If you want a tailor-made safari, opt for private reserves. Visits are by appointment only and you will find yourself in a very limited group of people to observe the animals. You can go off the slopes or even go on a night safari, as the reserves are secure. Accommodation and restaurants are at the top.

Where to go on safari in South Africa?

The choice is so wide if you are looking for the best safaris in South Africa. Each reserve has its own wealth. Kruger National Park is home to more than 150 species of mammals and 500 species of birds. Avoid only the rainy periods between November and March. The Madikwe Reserve on the border with Botswana gives you the opportunity to discover the big 5 and endangered species such as wilddogs. Addo elephant national park, as its name suggests, is home to more than 400 elephants. But you will also find lions, hyenas, antelopes and black rhinos.