The insecurity in South Africa worries many people, especially tourists who want to travel to the country. When travelling, regardless of the destination, it is always wise to ask about safety in order to better prepare or finally change direction. South Africa is one of the most popular travel destinations for travellers. To stay safely in this country, you must follow a few rules.

The main causes of insecurity in South Africa

Tourists or residents, it is necessary to be aware of this insecurity which hinders many visitors. Each year, there are about 20,000 murders, 30,000 attempted murders, more than 50,000 rapes, 50% of which are family rapes and about 300,000 burglaries. Just seeing these numbers doesn't make you want to set foot in this place. The main perpetrators of this violence are poverty, alcohol and drugs. This affects a large part of the slums as well as the local population. In fact, it is a kind of settling of scores that occurs in a very violent way, hence these huge murder figures. The same is true for rape. Crimes often occur in poor neighbourhoods.

Some tips for a safe stay in South Africa

The safety of tourists in South Africa is a worrying situation. However, it is quite possible to have a pleasant stay by applying some tips. They can avoid 99% of all worries. First, you should not walk at night in an empty neighbourhood or on the street. Avoid driving at night for long journeys, especially in places near slums or Townships, railway and bus stations.  Then, you must always remember to lock the door. To avoid being robbed, it is not advisable to carry valuables. In addition to vigilance, it is better to be relaxed in the streets so as not to be easy prey.

A destination like any other

Despite the violence and crimes that are scary, South Africa is a perfect destination to spend a holiday with family, friends and family. Indeed, crime does not affect the entire country. This nation gathers all the essential ingredients for a memorable stay, provided that the rules mentioned above are respected. In fact, they are very easy to apply.