Travel to Oceania

To Fiji for a trip to a luxury resort

Opt for a dream holiday in Fiji. A journey to the end of the world on an archipelago with paradisiacal landscapes. What are the wonders that make this destination the most popular in the world? These are already the good…

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When to go to Australia? Focus on the weather and the right seasons

Australia is a large island that welcomes millions of visitors every year. It has an exceptional heritage that seduces nature lovers from all over the world. In addition, its world-famous spots attract water sports enthusiasts. But where and when to…

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An extraordinary experience: The Great Barrier Reef

Almost three million metres long, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is unique in the world. Listed as a World Heritage Site, this natural formation covering 345,000 km2 is fascinating, even observed from space. It is the perfect place to spend an…

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Going to Australia: on the airplane side, rely on the comfort and quality of the airline company

Australia is an extraordinary island. It is also a continent and has animals to which it owes its fame, such as Tasmanian devils, koalas and kangaroos. If you want to spend a holiday there, nothing beats a discounted trip. Tips…

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