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The importance of targeting your expectations before choosing and preparing your trip to Asia

Do you have any ideas for your next holiday destinations? If you are looking for new vibrations rich in discoveries and unusual moments of relaxation, think of Asia. But it is not enough to want to escape, but it is…

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Hotels in Asia: Asian hospitality is particularly popular

Packing your bags and exploring Asian territory is the best way to disconnect from the daily routine. In addition to its lush vegetation, Asia takes you right into the middle of the soothing rice fields but also into the urban…

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To benefit from a favourable climate: when to go to Asia?

Looking for a short getaway in a country with a wide variety of cultures? Discover Asia, a continent full of exceptional wonders… But when should you visit Asia? And what precautions should be taken? What are the climatic conditions in…

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Asia: a real gastronomic destination

A gourmet’s paradise, Asia is the perfect destination for a gastronomic trip. Asian cuisine is considered one of the most delicious in the world. Whether it is during an excursion or a stroll, every occasion is good to taste traditional…

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The French Riviera for a sunny holiday!

The French Riviera is the sunniest region in France and the favourite holiday destination for many French people and foreigners. A calm and gentle sea, sunny beaches, many activities, it is a dream holiday and, thanks to a car rental…

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Key destinations in summer 2012

Summer is here and it is time to look at the privileged destinations for these 2012 holidays. A brief overview of what tourists will have preferred this year, what is certain is that we are taking the swimsuit with us!…

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