Going on safaris in South Africa is probably one of the best activities to do to get out of your daily life. In addition to a quite exceptional setting and different from what can be found in the city, animal reserves in South Africa are abundant, with different options for safaris. Indeed, there are many reserves, both private and public. What is the best option between these two possibilities? Here are some details to help you find your answer to this question.

Private reserves

Although less small in area (compared to national reserves, but can reach up to 30,000 ha), private reserves offer many possibilities. The first advantage of these reserves is the size of the observation condition. As a private area, access is restricted only to customers on the reserve in question. In addition, these types of animal reserves in South Africa offer professional rangers. In addition to being comfortable, you can see the animals close enough without interfering in their comfort zone. On the other hand, the owners make sure that you will see the animals in motion during the safaris. With experienced rangers and trackers, they know the hours of activity of the animals. All this accompanied by comfortable accommodation. However, there are still some disadvantages. In addition to the cost, which can be very expensive, the autonomy is quite limited. Indeed, safari schedules are set by the lodge. The privatization of the 4×4 includes an additional fee. Otherwise, you'll have to share it with 8 other people.

Public reserves

Animal reserves in South Africa for safaris are present in each region. Among the largest national parks, there is Kruger, but you can find your happiness everywhere. The main advantage with public reserves remains the cost. Indeed, even the total cost of accommodation and entrance fees is lower than the prices of private reserves. In addition, you can leave for the safari hours at your convenience, playing the tracker. You are, among other things, the master of your program. Although there are restaurants, you have the possibility to cook your meals. However, freedom is limited because there are times when parks are very busy. The facilities are also poor. This could limit your exploration if you do not have the right vehicle. Not to mention that it is strictly forbidden to drive at night. In addition, reservations must be made well in advance.

Special formula

Be aware that it is possible to combine the benefits of a private reserve with those of a national park, such as Kruger National Park. The same applies to accommodation offers. Thus, you have the extent of the national park at your disposal, with all the privileges offered by private reserves (4×4, professional trackers... On the other hand, you must prepare yourself at a much higher cost.