Did you know that France currently produces approximately 7-8 million wine bottles every year and that it represents a total of 29.1% of worldwide wine export? This isn’t a surprise given that viticulture and winemaking were first refined on the French land. Whether you’re in France for a short or long visit, you will surely want to visit some of the wine regions using the best wine tours France. keep in mind that the best french wine tours will land you in the best wine regions. There’re six wine regions in France but choosing which one to visit or any wine tour to book can be very confusing. If you aren’t surely about your choice, follow the guide below that will help you land on the best wine regions plus some sights, tours, and route suggestions. Some of these regions, tours and routes include;

1. Alsace

It is among the leading wine- producing region with many vineyards to explore. It borders Vosges mountain and Germany to the west and it’s rather unique from the other parts of France. It is very popular when it comes to making those fresh, aromatic and fruity wines. In addition, they also produce the second most well-known sparkling wine after champagne called Crémant d’Alsace. Visit wineries france and explore different varieties of amazing wines.
• Tours and routes.
You are advised to take a self-guided Alsatian wine route that stretches widely for about 170km roughly 105miles passing through the hills of the Vosges mountains. If not, you can also decide to book a day tour that will take you on the Alsace wine route passing through small villages. These tours will leave you tasting various wineries from different villages.

2. Bordeaux

It’s among the great wine cities of France with so many beautiful attractions on site. In the year 2016, Bordeaux launched La Cité du Vin where you are advised to start your immersion into the world of wine. You will meet an amazing construction called the Guggenheim of Wine, it will take you around vineyards in France and in the world nifty exhibitions on the way. Even though it uses high technology, it is designed in a way that you should concentrate on the unfolding story, including characters that will walk you through the past as they demonstrate the whole process of making wine, you even get to talk with the winegrowers and chefs. Your journey ends with a tasting of wine at the Belvedere, a very large space that looks over the fast renovating Bordeaux. After this is over, you can still head on to the countless French wine bars and try out the various wines.

3. Burgundy

It is also among the top wine regions in France with a thousand years of age. With those years of experience, they definitely know more about producing the very best top wines. The region produces about 15 million wine cases every year, white is the most produced wine but they also produce red and Crémant de Bourgogne (a shiny wine made using the champagne method). There are five regions in Burgundy and they include; Côte de Nuits , Mâconnais, Chablis, Côte de Beaune and , Côte Chalonnaise. All these regions produce quality wine under AOC labels.
• Tours.
The tourist office at Burgundy offers a self- guided tour to all major wine routes but you can also go on a 3-hour tour organized trip in Côte de Nuits Region.

Final thoughts

France is among the leading producer of wine with over five regions making it. All regions produce quality but slightly different wines, their export covering almost 29.1% of the world’s wine export. Visit French wine tours keeping in mind that the best tour will land you in the best wine region.