In case you have in mind the desire to travel to South Africa, the following information should be used to better understand the tourist situation in the host country of the trip you intend to undertake. The country's capital, Pretoria, has many impressive attractions in some places that await the curiosity of discerning foreign visitors during their stay in the country. Many tourist tours are planned to be visited because of their sublime sites and picturesque landscapes.

Travel to South Africa requires a car rental

In this attitude, it is strongly recommended to rent a car in South Africa in order to facilitate travel to visit the most famous tourist sites in the region, such as Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, which evokes a cricket pitch and is located almost 1 km from the centre of Durban city. As a whole, thousands of kilometres of distance await the vehicle lessee in his itineraries through destinations on his roadmap.

A specific highway code is in force in South Africa

In any case, drivers should exercise caution when travelling in the Southern African country because driving is on the left side of the road unlike in France. As a result, it is so planned to double the vigilance during the first few kilometers while avoiding taking too much risk. In addition, a driver's licence is required in addition to a certificate attesting to the purchase of vehicle insurance.

Insurance is required for a rental car in South Africa

It is always in the search for passenger comfort and road safety that it is strongly recommended to take out an insurance contract for rentals in South Africa, in addition to the insurance guarantees included in the car renter's bank card, which sometimes does not include "civil liability" guarantees to cover any risks incurred during the trip. In addition, renting a car without mileage limits is also essential to be able to travel long distances that connect many routes on a circuit across South Africa.