Installing a telephone line, subscribing to an Internet or mobile subscription: what are the conditions surrounding telecommunications in Hong Kong? This article tells you more about telephony and the Internet in this region.

Calls to local landlines are free of charge.

Mobile telephony

The mobile telephone network is shared between PCCW Mobile (CSL), 3 (Three) and SmarTone-Vodafone. It is possible to switch from one operator to another without changing the phone number. As for the subscription procedure, the applicant must go to the branch with his passport and proof of address. However, to obtain a prepaid SIM card, the latter document is not required. You can check and learn further more information about Hong Kong prepaid SIM cards.

Subscribe to the Internet

Many telephone operators offer telephone - Internet packages. In any case, when subscribing to an Internet subscription, the applicant must go to the branch to make the request, with his passport and proof of address. The main access providers are PCCW, Hong Kong Broadband, Pacnet, HKNet and HGC Broadband. The price difference lies mainly in the content of the offers (speed, package). In addition, most operators tend to launch many promotions in order to compete. It is therefore advisable to get as much information as possible before choosing your operator.

Accessing the Internet outdoors

In addition, Hong Kong aims to be a modern region, where telecommunications are made more accessible. Thus, there are many spots called GovWiFi. This government program aims to provide free Internet access to the public at more than 400 locations in Hong Kong. Similarly, public transport is, for some, equipped with a Wi-Fi connection for users. It is possible that this service may be charged on board.

Fixed telephony

In Hong Kong, most telephone lines are managed by the main national operator, PCCW. However, there are many other operators, such as Hutchison Global Communications (HGC), New World Telecom, City Telecom and One Tel. The activation of a telephone line in Hong Kong is totally free for the first time. To make the request, go to one of the branches of the chosen operator, with your passport and proof of residence. The subscriber is then hired for a period of 12 to 24 months: in the event of early termination, penalty fees will be incurred.