When you plan a stay, the ideal is always to find a nice little hotel to complete the change of scenery. There are hundreds of hotel chains in the world, some of which are more renowned than others, of course. They are also "classified" according to objective criteria: for example, the Ritz or the Carlton are luxury hotel chains, which can be found throughout Europe and the United States. These hotels offer a service of impeccable quality and availability, at any time of the day or night, they meet your every wish. But this fun at a price: it is usually wealthy customers or celebrities who frequent this type of hotel, whose night price exceeds the price of a minimum wage. That said, there are many other hotel chains, much more affordable and even sometimes cheap. B&B, Ibis, Formula 1, Best Western are brands known throughout the world and whose reputation is well established! These are good value for money formulas: the price varies according to the services offered, but this type of hotel chain can be found close to attraction or tourist centres, which means that there is real freedom of movement. Moreover, the prices charged in this type of hotel are far from the astronomical sums spent in luxury hotels (well, certainly, you have less massages, less room service...).