While many travellers decide in advance on the length of their stay and their destination, more and more holidaymakers are choosing to wait until the last minute to pack their bags and leave at a lower price!

A non-negotiable condition: flexibility!

To be able to enjoy a last-minute holiday, you must first of all be flexible, i.e. free to leave at any time of the year and/or summer. You must therefore agree not to always travel to the country or region of your dreams but also agree not to have much time to prepare your trip ahead, which can be considered a constraint. Of course, people who have little flexibility because of their job can turn to weekend offers because last-minute holidays are not just about long stays!

Take advantage of varied offers

Against all odds, last-minute offers are far from being picked from the back of the basket and offer all the qualities you would expect for your holiday. For many of us, last-minute holidays rhyme with a trip to the sun. If "exotic" destinations such as Tunisia, the Balearics or the Spanish coast are among the most popular offers, the many websites dedicated to this concept also offer stays in France, a good way to discover regions in which you would not have set foot without enjoying an attractive offer!

Make substantial savings

In addition to the taste for adventure, last-minute holidays obviously make it possible to save a lot of money. Indeed, the many websites that offer this type of travel break prices all year round, with discounts of up to -60% off the usual price for the same trip and the same benefits. By using the offers from these sites, travellers will benefit from unsold airline tickets or non-reserved hotel rooms.