Auvergne is a magnificent region where nature plays an important role, on the slopes of ancient volcanoes. In order to allow visitors to enjoy this generous nature, several amusement parks and animal parks have been created, as well as activities for the whole family.

Animal parks

Visiting animal parks is an opportunity to discover animals that you do not usually encounter, such as the breeding of myocastors and kangaroos in Saint-Nectaire, where you can follow an educational trail on these animals or a safari in Margeride, to meet local wild animals, in safe conditions. The Cézallier animal park in Ardes covers 25 hectares and offers tigers, lions, bears and monkeys in large enclosed spaces, while the Bouy zoological park in Champetières offers 50 hectares of walks. Dompierre-sur-Besbre is both an animal park and an amusement park that offers, on 35 hectares, rafting, Canadian river, mine train or roller coaster attractions and the discovery of 500 animals from all continents, as well as animal shows.

Leisure parks and other natural activities

Auvergne is also rich in theme and leisure parks, aquatic, nature discovery, educational farm and other games for children, or adventure trails for the whole family, as well as places where you can practice the tree climbing. Fans of thrills will have the opportunity to try bungee jumping or climbing on many sites set in nature, not to mention canyoning. A few health trails have also been set up in the heart of nature, combining sport with the discovery of local flora and fauna, and the whole family can meet and have fun. Finally, let us not forget that Auvergne's first asset comes from its volcanoes and the Vulcania leisure and adventure park, unique in Europe, allows visitors to discover volcanic phenomena on site, with educational and scientific activities, but also constantly renewed attractions, some of which will make them feel the effects of a volcanic eruption.