Summer is here and it is time to look at the privileged destinations for these 2012 holidays. A brief overview of what tourists will have preferred this year, what is certain is that we are taking the swimsuit with us!

Destination: Europe

Yes, Europe will be at the heart of summer tourism for 2012. For Europeans, it is an inexhaustible source of opportunities and interests, while being a close and therefore affordable destination. The south will of course be the most popular part with Portugal, Mallorca or Seville in Spain. These regions with a very strong cultural heritage are sought after both for the sun and for their culture. This is also the case in Crete or Greece, where despite the economic conditions, tourists like to go back in time and visit the remains of antiquity. Croatia is a very fashionable destination in recent years, crossroads between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, offering turquoise waters, picturesque villages and beautiful landscapes. On the northern side of Europe, Denmark is very popular with tourists for its shores and cliffs, its natural horizon is very popular.

On the international scene

On the world stage, of course, archipelagos such as New Caledonia, Martinique and Mauritius are still very popular for a real break and a relaxing holiday on the white sandy beaches. On the Asian continent, South Korea is carrying out a major seduction operation with tourists and this is paying off. The Jeju waterfalls, the modernity of the Seoul towers, and the traditional temples are the most visited places. A little further south, a country is opening to tourism, Burma, which has very beautiful hotel infrastructures and wishes to develop its tourist potential. The calm of Burma will charm you with the ruins of Pagan, listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Lake Inle and the many Buddhist temples. Serenity is at the heart of stays in Burma, aboard a pagoda on restful waters, for a change of scenery between land and sea.