Published on : 07 July 20204 min reading time

Simple to use, unconstrained, adapted to any need and any budget, easy to find, the prepaid SIM card has many advantages that other mobile plans, however competitive they may be, do not have. You can visit if you want to know more about the specificities of the prepaid SIM card.

With no commitment, à la carte services, various options, competitive prices, the prepaid card market remains interesting for those who want to enjoy the advantages of a mobile phone without the constraints of mobile plans.

SFR, Orange, Bouygues and NRJ Mobile are among the main operators to offer prepaid SIM cards without a subscription with the possibility of purchasing a mobile top-up according to their consumption habits.

The operation of a prepaid SIM card

With a prepaid SIM card, you only pay for what you use: a on-demand service in short. Point of commitment, point of monthly subscription, all you need to do is invest in a SIM card, use the consumption time purchased and then recharge (credit in variable amounts) your card according to your needs.

As with a mobile plan, the prepaid card allows you to make and receive calls (internationally depending on the options), send SMS and MMS messages or enjoy the Internet or even television. Depending on the type of prepaid SIM card (prepaid data SIM card), the validity of the line is limited to a period set by the operator.

Prepaid SIM cards are generally sold:

  • in kit form, with a telephone and a recharge;
  • in duo, with a recharge (if you already have a phone);
  • To the unit.

You can often benefit from credits offered for the purchase of a prepaid SIM card.

Why buy a prepaid SIM card?

Opting for a prepaid SIM card may be more advantageous in the following cases:

If your use of the telephone is occasional, you don’t call much and for short periods of time. The need for a mobile phone is really basic: the purchase of a prepaid SIM card can only be interesting, especially for your finances.

You travel from time to time for work or leisure. Prepaid SIM card offers for international use are convenient in these situations. Some are even specially designed for expatriates. The latter keep their number and their French contacts as a bonus!

You want to be able to reach your child and allow him/her to call at any time when he/she is away from home. Buying a prepaid SIM card is a good idea. He can familiarize himself with mobile phones and you; you control his communication times without fear of being out of the package.

Limit of validity of refills, what is it?

Two types of validity are implemented when purchasing a prepaid SIM card: the validity of the mobile top-up and the validity of the subscriber line (see elements of the comparative table below):

  • the first is related to the period of time during which you must consume your purchased credit;
  • The second to the amount of time you can receive calls.

As soon as this time has expired, your line is simply deleted. Please note that unused credit before the validity limit of your mobile top-up is normally lost. In the event that you reload your prepaid SIM card and you still have credit, it is carried forward and accumulated with the new one.

We still advise you to have a minimum of activity to avoid deleting your line. Some reloads have an unlimited lifetime: the terms and conditions are specific (existence of an account, invoicing on the first day of use, etc.).

Where to buy a prepaid SIM card/mobile top-up?

To buy a prepaid SIM card and/or a mobile top-up, you can go to retailers (tobacco shops, bookstores, supermarkets) and of course to the operators’ shops. You can also buy them online, on your operator’s website.

Please note that you also have the possibility to set up an automatic reload of your credits. You can ask the operator for more information.

There is no best prepaid SIM card; the key is to choose the right one, i.e. the one that meets your needs and your budget. In addition to the “basic” packages, operators have introduced other more elaborate offers giving you access to services worthy of a latest-generation mobile package!