For many of us, holidays and travel often go hand in hand with consumption. Yet, far from mass tourism, some travellers are tempted by militant travel.

Leaving the classic tourist circuits

Solidarity tourism is based on a first concept: leaving the traditional tours. By going beyond consumer and travel habits, agencies and associations specializing in this new tourism are responding to a real demand and helping travellers to discover the country they are visiting in a new light. Indeed, rather than inviting them to visit standardized universes, they are offered the opportunity to get directly involved in the culture of the host country. This interest and this new involvement make it possible to revalue the country's traditions.

Involving local populations

Very often, and whatever their destination, tourists only enrich large groups while local populations, which should be enhanced, are left out. Going beyond preconceived ideas and travel habits, these new types of tour operators propose to put people at the heart of tourism. To do this, they can offer original trips that bring travellers to a region that large groups never offer their tourists. In all cases, intermediaries are kept to a minimum and the local population is consulted, both for the organisation of activities and for setting prices.

Advocating for the environment

On holidays, the issue of recycling and environmental protection sometimes leaves our minds very quickly. However, the very notion of travel is linked to that of pollution. By flying or driving, the traveller pollutes the host country. While fair tourism promotes respect for the way of life of indigenous people, it also underlines the importance of protecting their territory and therefore not leaving any trace of its passage. Everything must be thought out and organised in favour of the populations so that tourism goes hand in hand with economic development but above all, with sustainable development.