The cruise: who never has to take one? Who has never dreamed of boarding a luxury liner, going far away and leaving all his problems behind for a few days? Cruises are indeed famous for being sources of serenity, magical relaxation breaks. Spending a few days on a huge ocean liner is not very common: you are sure to have a very special experience, whether in the Mediterranean or in the Caribbean. There are not many cruise lines, but among the best known are MSC Croisières, Costa Brava or Costa Croisières. These cruise operators offer very advantageous packages for travelling around the world other than on foot or by plane. The cruise is both a source of change of scenery and discovery, since every day you stop over on a new land. Cruise tours are decided in advance: lasting from four to twelve days, you can go around the Mediterranean basin or take a tour of the Latin Islands and the Caribbean. What could be more invigorating than spending your week on a liner, with only one concern: what you are going to eat that very evening, with other concerns than doing your idleness by the heated pool? Cruise passengers are there to advise you and offer you, at unbeatable prices, dream and unforgettable cruises. Please also note that reservations can be made with travel agencies, which have agreements with the cruise lines in question.