A gourmet's paradise, Asia is the perfect destination for a gastronomic trip. Asian cuisine is considered one of the most delicious in the world. Whether it is during an excursion or a stroll, every occasion is good to taste traditional Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai dishes... You have a lot of choice. Follow the guide to discover the best gastronomic delights in Asia.

Thailand and its gastronomic wonders

During your trip to Asia, live a unique experience by tasting Thai cuisine. Indeed, Thailand is particularly famous for its street cuisine. So, take advantage of your walks to taste local dishes that are perfect blends of sweet and spicy ingredients. It is simply difficult to resist. Moreover, the restaurants are very welcoming. Among Thai specialities, the Thai pad remains the most popular, but tom yum goong is also a real treat. If you are in the north of the country, take a detour to Chiang Mai to enjoy some spicy Khao.

Singapore and its unique recipes

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is the dream destination for gastronomic tourism. Every year, the city welcomes a significant number of visitors from all over the world, mainly with the aim of tasting local cuisine. The city is home to the best restaurants on the Asian continent, each offering a variety of exquisite dishes. Singaporean culinary art is the result of a mixture of Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine. Moreover, the Malaysian laska and the Indonesian language prove it. At any time of the day, you can also enjoy the famous Char Kway teow sautéed rice noodles or the famous chilli crab leg, whether in a high-end restaurant or in a street kitchen.

Malaysia and its delicious dishes

For a successful culinary experience, choose a stay in Malaysia. Malaysian cuisine is the result of many Indian, Thai and Chinese dishes. This explains its various flavours. It offers many varieties of delicious dishes ranging from a delicious noodle soup or hokkien mee bowl to a simple slice of roti kaya. Also take advantage of your trip in the country to visit Kuala Lumpur. The capital enjoys a very lively nightlife. The evening is ideal for spending pleasant moments while enjoying laksa with curry. Before leaving the country, don't forget to try nasi lemak, Malaysia's national dish.