Opt for a dream holiday in Fiji. A journey to the end of the world on an archipelago with paradisiacal landscapes. What are the wonders that make this destination the most popular in the world? These are already the good reasons to fly to Fiji.

"Bula" or welcome to Fiji

The archipelago is located in the South Pacific and northern New Zealand. It has more than 300 islands, some 500 islets, each one unique. The main and largest island of the archipelago is Viti Levu and its capital is Suva. Being a volcanic archipelago, it has a mountainous relief covered with tropical forest and the climate is just as harsh. The population is welcoming, warm and equally smiling. If you take a trip to the Pacific, plan a trip to Fiji, you won't be disappointed.

Unforgettable holidays in Fiji

A trip to Fiji, this destination considered the quintessential paradise of the archipelagos, is highly recommended for an unforgettable holiday. The tropical islands are enchanting and surrounded by a sublime blue sea. This archipelago is a real seaside paradise, no doubt that boredom is almost non-existent. Diving in Fiji is world renowned for its coral reefs that connect all the islands. These dives will also allow you to admire the fauna of the Fiji archipelago. A rich fauna such as the Manta ray, dog-toothed tunas, barracudas or reef sharks etc..... Snorkeling is also an activity that is in full swing during a trip to Fiji. This way you can better appreciate the beauty of the archipelago's seabed. Fiji does not only have a wealth of marine life to offer, you can also discover the mountains and especially explore volcanic craters. The splendour of the archipelago makes Fiji the perfect destination for a cruise, a family holiday but also for a honeymoon.

Some formalities for a trip to Fiji

A valid passport for at least 6 months after travel is required to travel to Fiji. A tourist visa is issued free of charge to French nationals holding this passport. For travellers from countries infected with yellow fever, a vaccination certificate of at least 10 days is required before entering Fiji. The currency used is the Fiji dollar.