Australia is an extraordinary island. It is also a continent and has animals to which it owes its fame, such as Tasmanian devils, koalas and kangaroos. If you want to spend a holiday there, nothing beats a discounted trip. Tips on choosing the right flight to Australia are then given here, as well as the right reasons to choose this destination as a holiday destination.

A flight to Australia at an attractive price

A stay in Australia is an experience that no holidaymaker will regret. However, it imposes a choice that is not always easy to make, that of booking tickets. Indeed, buying a plane ticket usually means making a hole in your economy. So how to choose the right flight to Australia? Above all, it is important to choose your airline carefully, knowing that you are going to make a very long journey. It is also a good idea to set your city of arrival and dates, as well as stopover points and return procedures. To find more affordable air tickets, forget the Australian and French school holidays. Indeed, during the summer holidays in Australia (December-January), air fares generally rise, as do the prices from January to August (winter period in Australia). Smart flights are usually in May and November.

From which airport to depart?

To choose the right flight to Australia, you also need to know how to choose your departure airport. If you live in France, the two main international airports to Australia are Melbourne and Sydney. While there are other options such as connecting Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Adelaide via international routes, flights will be more expensive. A domestic flight from Melbourne or Sydney is therefore more interesting, financially speaking. Kingsford Smith Airport is located about ten kilometres from the heart of Sydney. And since there are no direct flights from France, you will then have the choice between going via the United States or Asia. In general, Asian airlines offer the cheapest prices. From Asia, you can choose from Air Korean, Thai, Cathay, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Etihad, Emirates, Qantas, British Airways... And from America, you have, among others, Aerolineas, LAN, Air New Zealand, United, Delta, British Airways and Air Canada.

Why choose Australia as a holiday destination?

For hundreds of years, considered as a land of sagas, Australia has been not only an island but also a continent that stands out for its extraordinary situations. It owes its authenticity to its biodiversity and culture. For a cultural trip, choose Sydney, a captivating destination located in the southeast of the island-continent. Sydney's famous opera house and its sumptuous theatres and auditoriums await you. The opportunity will allow you to meet renowned Australian artists, famous musicians and even internationally renowned actors. But if you are looking for authenticity, Northern Australia is the place for you, where there are aborigines. You will then be able to discover their attachment to music, art and share their culture. You will certainly love their legends and myths. Your stay in Australia will also allow you to discover the Kangaroo Island Ecological Reserve, where you will have the opportunity to see free kangaroos and tame koalas and wallabies. So, prepare your next vacation now, everything depends, among other things, on choosing the right flight to Australia.