Are you planning to travel soon? A specialized website tells you when and how to book your hotel to find the hotel of your dreams at the best price/quality ratio.

When to book your hotel?

You go in high season

If you are travelling in high season or at a popular event, try to book your hotel as soon as possible. Indeed, if you book early, you can benefit from special offers while if you book at the last minute, all the cheap hotels will be full and the few rooms still available will cost a small fortune.

You go out in low season

To find a cheap hotel in the low tourist season, anticipate your research and wait for a promotion or special offer to book your hotel room. You can also wait until the last minute for your hotel reservation. You will be able to negotiate a favourable offer. So a few days ago, I managed to get a -15% discount on my room simply by asking at the reception desk "what price can you charge me if I stay two nights in your hotel? In low season, it is better for a hotel to offer breakfast, an upgrade or a discount than to have an empty room on hand.

How to book your hotel?

There are four main ways to book a hotel room

Touring hotels

Going on a trip without booking anything and visiting the hotels once you get to your destination is a great way to find the hotel of your dreams. Indeed, you can ask the reception to visit a room and if you don't like it, you can find another hotel more to your liking. Not booking any hotel rooms in advance also allows you to remain flexible and adapt your travel itinerary according to your wishes. Be careful though: if you leave in high tourist season (Christmas, summer holidays...), waiting to arrive at your destination to book a hotel can be risky (all the hotels are full, the only hotels still available are horribly expensive).

Book by phone

Booking your room by calling the hotel reception desk offers many advantages. On the one hand, most hotels do not require any deposit at the time of booking. On the other hand, booking by phone offers you great flexibility: in the event of a last-minute change (delayed travel, one more or less person in your group), it is easier to change a hotel reservation made by phone than on the Internet. Attention however: If you are travelling abroad, booking your hotel by phone can be expensive (international communication). Moreover, it is not always easy to book a hotel by phone, especially if you are travelling to a country whose language you do not speak.

The hotel's website

Booking a hotel room from the hotel's reservation site frees you from the constraints of the telephone (no language barrier and no international calls) and sometimes allows you to benefit from special offers. Attention however: Using the hotel's reservation site can sometimes cost more than via a specialized comparator.

Hotel comparators

Let's say you plan to go to Bangkok. How to find the hotel of your dreams among the thousands of hotels in the city? It's simple: use a hotel price comparison tool. Thus, Skyscanner Hotels allows you to filter hotels according to the number of stars, the location of the hotel, the opinion of previous guests, the price or the hotel equipment (Wi-Fi, swimming pool...). Using an online hotel price comparison service such as Skyscanner Hotels is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to find the hotel of your dreams - the hotel that suits you. With Skyscanner, finding a hotel has never been easier.