Looking for a short getaway in a country with a wide variety of cultures? Discover Asia, a continent full of exceptional wonders... But when should you visit Asia? And what precautions should be taken?

What are the climatic conditions in Asia?

The climate in Asia varies according to the destination. However, you can visit almost all cities in winter. The temperature is mild and pleasant, and rain is rare, especially in Vietnam, India, Thailand, Burma, southern China and Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Malaysia and Indonesia should be avoided because they are affected by the monsoon. In summer, most areas are affected by the monsoon. This can make the visit unpleasant. The rain is very heavy, with strong winds, terrible storms, cyclones and typhoons. Nevertheless, in Japan and Indonesia, the climate is rather favourable at this time of year. In autumn and spring, heat is acceptable in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia. In addition, nature is sublime, offering a magnificent landscape.

Travel to Asia: what are the formalities and entry requirements?

In the following cities, you do not need a visa: Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. However, you should have a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months after your arrival. For other countries, a visa is required. As far as safety is concerned, at a minimum, make universal vaccines: hepatitis A, measles, rubella, mumps, tetanus and diphtheria. If you plan to visit Southeast Asia, malaria is very common in this region. As a preventive measure, take tablets before, during and after your stay. Do not hesitate to take out travel health insurance if necessary, to cover yourself throughout the trip.

Good to know!

Asia is a very conservative country. In this way, any emotional manifestation in public is to be avoided. Also, dress properly. And if you enter sacred places, leave the shoes outside. In any case, it is very important to respect the customs and traditions of each country to live an unforgettable experience! To avoid attracting the attention of thieves, do not wear precious jewellery or valuable equipment (high-end phones, laptops, etc.) when walking in the street. Finally, ask for permission before taking a picture. To conclude, bring clothes according to the climate in Asia. In summer, you will need light clothing as the heat can be stifling.