Outdoor holidays, responsible travel, sports holidays are the most popular forms of travel today. Europe is an ecotourism destination par excellence. The country offers natural spaces still preserved from mass tourism, eco-tourist attractions out of the ordinary, destinations far from urban routines. Which ecotourism countries in Europe to visit? Here are the answers.

An eco-tourist stays in Estonia

Estonia is an ecotourism country in Europe to visit when travelling. The destination is very popular for the internationally renowned spa town of Pärnu. For a stay worthy of a change of scenery, Viljandi is a beautiful place not to be missed. Located in the south of Estonia, the mountain town of Viljandi attracts for its ruins of the Order of Livonia castle, its century-old trees, its beautiful lake or its cobbled alleys. You don't travel in ecotourism mode without passing through a Soomaa National Park in the southwest of the country. A true ecotourism zone, the park is covered by a huge peat bog separated by the Pärnu River. The Otepää Natural Park offers a hike through a landscape of hills, small rivers and roads embellished by a pleasant landscape.

Travelling differently in Romania and Croatia

For a trip to the ecotourism country in Europe, Romania is an ideal destination. In this country, there is everything to please travellers. Romania is home to nature reserves, national parks and also nature parks. Its landscape is enhanced by canyons, caves that invite caving, and breathtaking limestone massifs. Romanian forests are home to specific fauna and flora species. In Romania, 60% of the bears are found in the European continent. Croatia is an ecotourism paradise. It has eight national parks and eleven natural parks that will satisfy the passion of ecotourism enthusiasts. In Croatia, you can visit a zoological park and bird sanctuary, the Mount Papuk Mountain Natural Park, and the Island Parks on the Dalmatian Islands.

Ecotourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is an ecotourism country in Europe worth visiting for ecotourism enthusiasts. This tourist country takes advantage of all the potentialities necessary to be qualified as an ecotourism destination. Many tour operators offer tailor-made packages in this European country. It is home to sites with strong ecotourism attractions.