Finally, temperatures across states - and around the world - have begun to rise and we want to go out into the great outdoors. While exploring completely unexplored territory can be a real adventure (sometimes in the right direction, sometimes in a less good way), we are the guys who prefer resort campgrounds; the tent is already assembled, the equipment is numerous, and the staff is at your disposal if you need help - much better than having to ask for the scary guy in the nearby tent, in our opinion. Here are our five favourite resorts for camping in spring and summer.

El Capitan Canyon, Santa Barbara

Twenty miles north of Santa Barbara, located on 300 acres of wild canyon, El Capitan Canyon offers a camping, or "glamping", experience with enough modern amenities to satisfy travellers who simply prefer semi-rough. Guests stay in cabins, tents or yurts; only the cabins have a private bathroom. All apartments have electricity and wooden floors. El Capitan Canyon provides the pleasure and adventure of camping but with many of the comforts of a hotel.

Lakedale Resort with three lakes, San Juan Islands

Lakedale Resort is not your grandfather's campground. In addition to a lakeside location with picnic areas, this 82-acre property offers everything from an airstream trailer to canvas cabins. The lodge rooms certainly have the most amenities - bathrooms with Molton Brown toiletries, TV sets (although tube style), and patios - but they are also the least outdoorsy. The canvas cabins are unadorned - but in a good way - sporty, charming and charming rustic décor and comfortable beds. The property is best suited for visitors looking for a high-end camping experience, although poor mobile phone reception can be a nuisance for some.

The Nxabega Okavango tent camp in Botswana

This luxury safari lodge in Botswana offers everything you would expect from the excellent Beyond chain: incredible tents with comfortable beds, exceptional service, delicious cuisine and safari tours with first-class guides. It is located in the Okavango Delta region, but on land, you will not need to take a boat to and from the camp. Its peaceful location, superb views of the delta, its pretty communal swimming pool and its rustic and luxurious design inspired by the construction of a traditional African cabin (with rich woods and thatched roofs) make it a truly special place.

Curry Village, Yosemite National Park

Curry Village is a community of cottages, tent cabins and motel rooms with a few retail and dining establishments. The 48 acre property is located in the heart of the Yosemite Valley just below Glacier Point and near Half Dome and Yosemite Village. The 499 rooms are ideal for campers and visitors who want to discover the park and its attractions on a more rugged and communal site. Private bathrooms, heaters, electrical outlets and telephones are difficult to find, except in more expensive units. The larger motel rooms and cabins are equipped with a rustic décor, while the tent cabins are essentially just for sleeping and dressing - and enjoying all this camping experience.

Franciscan Lakeside Lodge, Lake Tahoe

Located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Franciscan Lakeside Lodge may not have tents per se, but the patterns - dotted with comfortable cottages and cottages - feel like those of a summer camp, and could easily be confused with shooting locations for movies such as The Parent Trap and Wet Hot American Summer. While some rooms are nestled in a darker area facing the lake, covered with trees, the cabins by the lake have a breath-taking view over the sandy beach and a private jetty where guests can swim. Kitchenettes make it easy to eat (and save money).