Published on : 07 July 20205 min reading time

Have you ever thought of visiting Sweden? In this article, I share these reasons why everyone should visit Sweden at least once in their lives. It is such a beautiful country and I will try to make you discover its hidden jewels, its little dishes, its traditions, among others!


If you are looking for wilderness, mountains, trees, lakes and animals, Sweden is one of the best places for that. There are a total of 29 national parks. Even when you are in town, you are not far from nature.

Crayfish party

You may be wondering what a crayfish celebration is. It is one of our unique traditions in Sweden. We simply prepare decorations and a huge dish with crayfish, put on our crayfish hats and overalls, sing ridiculous songs and finish by drinking our famous schnapps.

It’s a great tradition in Sweden, and if you come and see us in August, you’ll have a chance to see what it looks like. I can guarantee you that you will never forget the crayfish party!

Wild Reindeer

YES! We have reindeer in Sweden, they are wild and amazing. If you are travelling by car in the northern part of the country, don’t be surprised to see the road blocked by a herd of reindeer.

Castles and chateaux

Do you like castles? So I have some good news. In Stockholm and below, there are hundreds of castles to visit. In Ekerö, outside Stockholm, it is possible to visit Drottningholm Castle where the King and Queen of Sweden live.


The capital of Sweden with all its canals and small islets and islands: Stockholm is a wonderful capital, not too big, not too small, and just perfect. It is rich in history and culture, surrounded by nature, fascinating to visit and offers a wide variety of entertainment.

The Vasa ship

One of the best preserved ships of the 17th century: It is a royal ship that currently sits at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The Vasa ship is remarkable and must be seen if you are passing through Stockholm.

Birka and the Viking heritage

The Viking era is an integral part of Swedish history, and Birka immerses you in this heritage and allows you to see what life was like at the time. The boat trip lasts about 2 hours, or only 15 minutes, depending on where you are.


Originally a Finnish invention, the sauna is also an important part of Swedish culture. A sauna is a wooden room with a special heating on which water is poured to raise the temperature.

Then you sit there for a while, but most people only last 10 minutes before they need to cool off. The temperature of a sauna can rise to 90°C, and it is intended for relaxation and to cleanse the body of its toxins.

Fresh drinking water

Few countries have fresh drinking water almost everywhere. The tap water is delicious, but the water from the northern fjords and streams is even better. I’ve never had such good water before.

Feast of St. John’s Day

We have a very funny and rather “strange” tradition. In short, we celebrate summer by dancing around a wrapped mast, like frogs, and we drink far too many schnapps by singing silly songs. If you want to spend an unusual and fun time, then this is a great reason to visit Sweden.

Astrid Lindgren’s World

Does the name Fifi Brindacier mean anything to you? Astrid Lindgren was a famous Swedish author. Other children’s stories have been translated into French: Ronia, daughter of a robber, Mio, my Mio, Les Frères Coeur-de-lion and the Red-eyed Little Dragon.

In Astrid Lindgren’s World, these characters come to life. It’s a theme park your kids will love!

Skåne, Southern Sweden

It is my home region, with open, vast and colourful landscapes. When the rapeseed fields are in bloom, Skåne turns into a golden region with rapeseed flowers from all over. It is also a region where you can see many old windmills.

Apart from rapeseed fields and windmills, Skåne is also famous for its beaches, small villages and towns, farmers and of course the unique accent of the locals.


The highest mountain is the Kebnekaise, which rises to 2,106 metres. There are also other mountains, you will see many beautiful landscapes and hiking trails throughout the country.


Swedish architecture is a mixture of old and new. Many cities have preserved an old style, and you will not see any skyscrapers. The details are phenomenal, look at this picture taken in Stockholm.

If we don’t have skyscrapers, we have beautiful buildings with unique architecture. Our largest building is located in Malmö. It’s called the Turning Torso and it’s the first twisted tower in the world.


This can mean Sandwich cake, and if you know Sweden, you may already know that we are big fans of sandwiches. It’s the most common breakfast, so why not make it a cake? There are many varieties of “Smörgåstårta” and it depends on the region you visit.

One thing is for sure, it’s absolutely delicious!

Glögg and gingerbread

Two of our most beloved Christmas traditions: Glögg is a drink that can be with or without alcohol. The most famous is produced by Blossa, see the picture below.

If gingerbread and Glögg’s go together, you can eat it alone. And do we like gingerbread? Yes! People rush to each other at Christmas. This is something you should absolutely try when you are in Sweden, and the best are the “Annas Pepparkakor”.